About Us

We Shape Brand Love

Brand love is growth.
Brand love is resilience.

Born in 2012 and raised in Los Angeles, Kley is dedicated to solving complex challenges with enduring solutions that empower all brands to be loved. We are ridiculously passionate about what we do and are motivated by the opportunity to make ground-breaking, industry-defining, heart-racing moves.

Our expertise lies at the intersection of strategy, brand, design, user experience, and technology, where we identify opportunities for irresistible connection and unlimited growth.

Whether via eCommerce, a website, a digital product, or a Web3 campaign, we're driven by the possibility of progress to strengthen the bond between customer and company to build brand love.



Strategy + Design + Technology

We partner with organizations across all industries to create ambitious brands and the impactful customer experiences that define them. Our team, made up of professionals and experts in their respective fields, has decades of experience in research, brand positioning, identity, user experience, and engineering.

Our company is fully integrated and built for the speed of business. Operating as a collective, we share our distinct experiences and expertise to empower our partners to evolve, grow, and scale.

Brand & Marketing Audits
Industry Trends & Insights
Consumer Trends & Insights
Data & Analytics
Brand Equity Analysis
Brand Design
Brand Identity
Visual Identity Systems
Brand Messaging
Campaign Development
Design Production
User Research & Strategy
Information Architecture
Systems & Style Guides
Experience Optimization
Brand Positioning
Product Definition & Vision
Brand & Portfolio Architecture
Content Strategy
Business Model Optimization
Art Direction
Illustration & Animation
Video Production
Technical Discovery
Full Stack Development
CMS Optimization
Native App Development
Quality Assurance


Upstarts, challengers, and enterprise companies come to us to evolve existing experiences or invent entirely new ones.

At Kley, we're in the business of igniting growth for brands at every stage of their journey. From fledgling startups fresh off the seed round, to established industry giants seeking a new perspective, our holistic approach provides the strategic thinking, expertise and sheer efficiency needed to exceed expectations and reimagine what's possible.

But we don't stop at simply taking your brand to the next level. We're passionate about creating lasting brand love, and our team knows how to evolve your brand experience for sustainable, long-term growth.

Our Values

What we value is what defines us

We believe that success comes from knowing who you are, why you matter, and what you stand for. At Kley, we uphold and focus on these core values to guide our actions, decisions, and shape the way we interact with our partners and each other.

Dedication to Better

We are committed to progress and ignore any sense of “good enough.” We strive to create things that are better than what is. Every team member endeavors to contribute real value to every project they touch, and we push each other to be better every single day.

Be Curious

We constantly seek out innovative approaches to problem-solving and wholeheartedly embrace the notion that play is the ultimate avenue for discovery and learning. We encourage a spirit of curiosity, by cultivating an insatiable appetite for learning, within an environment that nurtures creativity, fosters growth, and fuels continuous improvement.

We’re All in This Together

We embrace diversity and create a culture where everyone feels like an insider. We come from different backgrounds, with different goals, but trust one another to do the right thing, and above all treat each other with respect and empathy.

Conquer the Unknown

Rather than relying solely on expertise, we recognize that the constant emergence of new technologies demands a willingness to explore uncharted territories. By rolling up our sleeves and embracing a mindset of learning, we apply our experience and thinking to develop and adapt our approaches, unlocking innovative solutions that serve us and our clients in this ever-evolving landscape.

Take Purposeful Action

More than just a value; it's a guiding principle. It means proactively and intentionally pursuing our goals, making well-informed decisions, and embracing a mindset of determination and focus. We believe in taking action with a clear purpose, channeling our energy and talents to drive meaningful results for our clients and our team.

Our Team

We’re a dynamic, global team united by our bold ideas and unwavering commitment to excellence. Driven by a shared vision to create work that sets new standards and breaks new ground, we are always pushing the boundaries of creative and innovative thinking.

Brad Klemmer

CEO & Creative Director

Thom Meredith

Chief Technology Officer

Jamie Sperling

Director of Brand Strategy

Darrin Snider

Senior UX Designer

Daniel Curran

Senior Designer

Destinee Chin


Levan Ambokadze


Jessica Weil


Jose Debuchy

Senior Developer

Maxi Soria

Senior Developer