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Resources for the Whole U

Be Well Bruin


Promoting Campus-Wide
Health & Wellness

Since UCLA has tens of thousands of students, it has grown in the ways it supports their UCLA experience, particularly around mental, physical, and social well-being. Over time, the number of resources available to students grew to the point that it became increasingly difficult for students and faculty to keep up.

To make it easier for students to access the health and wellness resources they need, UCLA turned to Kley to create a new, student-centric web app that would act as a hub to direct students to the resources they need, when they needed them. We embarked on a branding engagement that spanned experience design, research, positioning, messaging, naming, visual identity, digital strategy, and collateral that would help UCLA launch the new Be Well Bruin app, with the tagline “Resources for the Whole U."

Consumer Insights
Brand Positioning
Brand Naming
Brand Identity
Visual Identity System
Brand Messaging
Content Strategy
Art Direction
‍Front End Development
UX/UI Design
Campaign Development


Elevating Individuality

Be Well Bruin provides students with access to campus resources that support their overall health and well-being. Through a visual questionnaire, students are guided to customized results based on their unique needs, distilling countless resources down to the most relevant ones. To bring this story to life visually, we created an identity that would attest to the student’s individuality and what they could gain from the Be Well Bruin app. This identity centers on photography of students with hand-drawn illustrations behind them to express what makes them unique.


Embracing a Student-Centric Aesthetic

As a product designed for UCLA students, we knew photography that features students would be a primary visual element. Kley oversaw and art directed a photoshoot on-campus with diverse students, representative of UCLA's community.


Multi-Channel Promotion

In addition to billboard displays on UCLA's bustling campus, we identified opportunities to promote Be Well Bruin to target audiences during our initial research. As part of orientation, Be Well Bruin will be introduced to first-year students, and resident advisors will act as ambassadors for Be Well Bruin to encourage students' adoption and use. The UCLA faculty and staff were also relied upon by students for information outside the classroom, so we developed materials to share Be Well Bruin directly with them.

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