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Web3’s First NFT Driven CPG Subscription

Breakfast Club


Building Community with NFT Technology

Meet Bored Breakfast Club, a unique NFT project blending real-world coffee deliveries with exclusive digital experiences. Sparked by the dynamic engagement in NFT communities, we brewed a blend of our eCommerce prowess with Web3 trends. Our secret ingredient was the Community Coffee Wallet, a community-owned vessel set to deliver free coffee to NFT holders worldwide. The wallet, fueled by NFT royalties and sales, stirred up a wave of social posts, engagement, and value, shipping coffee to thousands of members in 72 countries.

Shipped to 70+ Countries in first 2 months
Built a dedicated community of 13k+ advocates
Featured in Forbes, Yahoo, MorningBrew, and more
Thousands of organic social media posts
Brand Positioning
Visual Identity
Visual Identity System
Experience Strategy
Content Strategy
Art Direction
Packaging Design
UX/UI Design
eCommerce Strategy
Front End Development
Back End Development
Campaign Development

BrandING & Packaging

Leveraging the IP of our BAYC

We launched the project using our Bored Ape Yacht Club assets as mascots for our brand. Thanks to the commercial usage rights granted to us, we could leverage these assets, along with the accompanying community and our IP. This enabled us to craft the Bored Breakfast Club's identity.

Generative Art NFT

Membership Granted by a Distinct Generative NFT

Our tokens are more than just keys to free coffee and club perks—they’re vibrant scenes of breakfasting apes, adding a playful twist to the utility. Crafted for our members to flaunt on social media, they're not just tokens, they're conversation starters.

Ecommerce & Coffee Rewards

Integrating Web3 & Shopify: Pioneering eCommerce Solutions

Only Bored Breakfast Club NFT holders can access our exclusive dashboard and claim their coffee rewards, thanks to our gated system. We also built a custom feature into Shopify that allows token holders to unlock special discounts and exclusive products, brewing up a unique customer experience.

Campaigns & Activations

Traits Matter

Every NFT boasts unique traits and varying rarity levels. To celebrate this, we launched the "Traits Matter" campaign. Holders of specific traits received surprise perks, such as a free bottle of hot sauce for those with a Breakfast Burrito trait, or a variety pack of cereal for those with a Cereal trait. A delightfully unexpected treat!

Campaigns & Activations

ApeFest 2022

Bored Breakfast Club served up some fun at ApeFest, the biggest Web3 IRL party of the year. We brought our coffee to the NYC Pier17 rooftop and unveiled a custom app that printed unique Ape images on lattes. This cool addition stirred up thousands of social media posts, proving that our blend of real-world and digital experiences truly hits the spot.

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