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A New Kind of Law Firm in the UK



Revitalizing a Legacy Industry

The legal landscape in the UK has been undergoing significant transformations due to recent legislative changes that have allowed venture capital to support legal services firms. This shift has resulted in the consolidation of small and medium size solicitor firms, leading to notable changes in the industry. 

Amidst these developments, Lawfront recognized the need to adapt and innovate in order to thrive in this evolving environment. They engaged Kley as their strategic and creative partner to envision and bring to life the concept of the next-generation law firm.

The collaboration aimed to build the leading consolidator of general legal services firms across the UK. The brand places people at the forefront, both internally and externally, with a strong emphasis on creating a firm culture based on balance. This cultural transformation would extend to how clients are perceived, communicated with, and understood, highlighting Lawfront's commitment to meeting clients where they are. The brand concept is best encapsulated through the tagline: At the forefront of progress - where the focus is not on what law has been, but where it is headed.

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Branding for a New Era

In a comprehensive research endeavor, Kley delved into the market landscape, seeking unique positioning opportunities for the brand. Recognizing the nascent nature of law firm consolidation, we aimed to forge a brand identity that harmonized the esteemed legacy of the legal sector with the evolving expectations of today's consumers. This quest led us to a pivotal concept rooted in balance, aligning with the industry, embodying the organization's ethos, and placing people at the forefront.

With this powerful positioning in place, we embarked on an exploration to find a brand name that encapsulated the forward-thinking nature of the organization while instantaneously resonating with newcomers. After a rigorous selection process, we proudly present Lawfront—a name that unmistakably situates itself within the legal sector, while the addition of "-front" signifies the organization's pivotal role in shaping the new era of legal services firms.


Balancing Legacy & Innovation

Lawfront sought an identity that exudes professionalism and fosters trust. To achieve this, we crafted a visual identity that embodies these qualities while aligning with their business model and highlighting their commitment to their people.

By selecting a bold color palette, Lawfront signals their departure from conventional norms, reflecting their ambition to drive positive change. The choice of a traditional serif typeface pays homage to the industry's expertise and legacy, establishing familiarity and reliability.

The wordmark, designed with a refined and authoritative typeface, conveys Lawfront's credibility and expertise in the legal industry. This typography instills a sense of stability, reliability, and sophistication, crucial for a consolidator in a dynamic landscape.

Complementing the wordmark is a symbolic logomark inspired by the enduring columns of prominent court buildings. These columns represent justice, power, and authority, connecting Lawfront to the legal field's institutional heritage.


Humanizing Legal Services

As part of Lawfront's comprehensive visual system, a proprietary iconography set was designed and implemented on their website. The purpose of this icon system was to not only enhance the visual appeal but also to align with Lawfront's human-centric approach, creating a friendly and approachable aesthetic.

The icons were thoughtfully crafted to represent various aspects of Lawfront's services, processes, and value propositions. Each icon was designed with attention to detail, ensuring clarity and simplicity in conveying complex concepts. The use of clean lines, rounded edges, and vibrant colors added a touch of warmth and approachability, resonating with Lawfront's brand identity.

The iconography system was applied strategically throughout the website, enhancing the user experience and aiding in visual communication. These icons were utilized to guide visitors through the website's content, illustrating key features, services, and benefits in an easily understandable manner.


Go-to-Market Vehicle

As part of Lawfront's public launch and go-to-market strategy, a website was meticulously crafted to attract acquisitions and showcase the organization's offerings. The website serves as a digital platform that presents a compelling narrative about Lawfront's unique position as a consolidator in the legal industry. The design and content of the website are strategically curated to engage potential acquisition targets, conveying Lawfront's professionalism, expertise, and commitment to providing a seamless transition for firms seeking consolidation.

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