Case Study

Comprehensive Native App for UCLA Students

Mobile App


Supporting Students' Needs

MyUCLA is a critical web portal utilized by UCLA’s student body to access details around academics, campus life, classes, faculty, finances, jobs, help, new student info, student services and more. This portal has served the student body well, but in recent years student communication behaviors have evolved, leaving them wanting more. Our research found that over 40% of users access MyUCLA using a mobile device and over 90% of mobile users are using iOS devices. With these statistics in mind, UCLA recognized the need for a solution that can better accommodate the ways students currently communicate.

UCLA looked to Kley to create a state-of-the-art mobile application that grants students easy access to their MyUCLA account while leveraging the mobile device’s built-in features such as push notifications and location, delivered in a manner that students have become accustomed to.

Experience Strategy
UX/UI Design
Native App Development

Visual Identity

Illustrating the UCLA
Student Experience

MyUCLA serves as the central hub for students, catering to their various needs, ranging from class registration to payment processing. With a strong emphasis on functionality and utility, we sought to infuse a sense of delight into the user experience by incorporating custom illustrations and iconography. These carefully crafted illustrations were designed to showcase the diverse activities that students can accomplish through MyUCLA, creating an interface that is not only easy to navigate but also enjoyable to interact with.


Functional Design

The previous iteration of MyUCLA left users feeling overwhelmed and lost due to its information-heavy interface. Recognizing this opportunity for improvement, we embarked on a journey to transform MyUCLA into more than just an information hub. Our aim was to create an engaging and intuitive user experience that would empower students to actively interact with the app. By strategically organizing information and introducing a clear hierarchy, we established a user journey that was previously missing. But we didn't stop there – we brought this vision to life through the implementation of an approachable visual system. The fusion of user-friendly design and relevant information resulted in an experience that no longer feels intimidating, but rather seamless and even enjoyable to use.

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