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Empowering Adults in Higher Education



Equipping Adult Learners with the Connections to Realize Completion

There are over 36 million Americans who have some college but no degree. These students leave school for a variety of reasons but too often, schools have limited resources to engage with and encourage them to return and complete what they started. 

ReUp’s technology-enabled solution unlocks connections and opportunities for students by providing success coaches with data-driven, actionable insights for engaging returning students, wherever they are in their journey, from re-entry to graduation. 

In 4 short years, ReUp experienced rapid growth, proving that when students are connected to the guidance, resources, and opportunities needed to return to school, more students do so.

ReUp has helped re-enroll 16,000+ students
Named to Fast Company's Next Big Thing in Tech
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Leveraging Connect
to Complete

As ReUp’s strategic and creative partner, we worked closely with the leadership team to gain insight into the industry, competitors, target audiences, and current challenges the brand needed to overcome. This resulted in a new brand positioning and narrative, best captured by the new tagline: Connect to Complete.

The new visual identity further reinforced the brand position and values through a bold color palette, humanist typography, and graphic elements that speak to the importance of connection to enact change.

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