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Managing Kids' Activities for Parents and Providers



Bridging the Gap Between Parents, Kids, & Activity Providers

For far too long, parents have been caught in a labyrinth of outdated methods when it comes to finding enriching extracurricular activities for their little ones. Relying on word-of-mouth or proximity, they’re often left unaware of the vast array of possibilities awaiting their children's exploration.

Recess set out to fill this market void and revolutionize the way parents discover, select, schedule, pay for, and review activities, classes, and lessons for their kids. With Recess, parents have a single, dynamic destination that unleashes the power of choice, offering a treasure trove of opportunities within easy reach.

In addition, the platform propels service providers to new heights. By providing them with an unrivaled vehicle to connect with fresh audiences and expand their business, Recess paves the way for a flourishing ecosystem that benefits all.

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Crafting an Engaging System for Parents & Children

In our quest to create an unforgettable experience, we set out to develop a system that effortlessly resonates with both parents and children. Our mission was clear: to infuse a sense of boundless fun and playfulness that would captivate the hearts of young ones, while ensuring a polished and user-friendly interface for parents to navigate with ease.

Through our strategic design approach, we carefully crafted a harmonious synergy that strikes a chord with both generations. We harnessed the power of imagination and whimsy to ignite excitement in children, inviting them into a world where every interaction is filled with wonder. Simultaneously, we engineered a professional and intuitive interface that empowers parents to effortlessly navigate through the platform.


Activity Heroes

We designed a unique hero illustration style specifically tailored for our application, which also doubled as promotional material. These illustrations showcased various activities available on Recess and featured characters that appealed to both parents and children. Rather than utilizing a one-size-fits-all approach, we opted for a fun, ambiguous character, adding to the overall charm and appeal of the visuals. This cohesive illustration style was seamlessly integrated throughout the application, creating a visually engaging and inclusive experience for all users.


Appealing to Parents, Children, & Families

We designed a native iOS application that simplified the process of finding activities for your kids by providing easy search options based on categories, locations, ratings, costs, and other detailed filtering parameters. The app allows users to seamlessly sign up, make payments and complete all of the necessary paperwork, which was securely stored within our digital ecosystem and linked to their accounts. Our goal was to streamline these logistical tasks, enabling users to focus more on enjoying the activities rather than getting caught up in administrative details.


Business Value for
Activity Service Providers

During our research, we engaged in discussions with numerous service providers to gain insights into how they handled and marketed their offerings. We discovered a wide range of practices, varying from manual tracking to Excel spreadsheets to off-the-shelf solutions. Recognizing the need for consistency, we aimed to create an application that would provide a unified system and framework for service providers, akin to the functionality of OpenTable. By adopting our system, service providers gained the ability to manage their data and promote their offerings in a sophisticated and growth-oriented manner. This approach empowered them to enhance their operations and maximize their business potential within the Recess platform.

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